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London: From 16-17 January 2024, maritime industry professionals will gather for the Technical Conference on CII Management and Related Challenges at IMO Headquarters, London, UK, hosted by RINA.

As part of its commitment to addressing climate change, the International Maritime Organization has developed the Carbon Intensity Index (CII) for international shipping. CII aims to measure and drive improvements in the energy efficiency of ships. CII was adopted in 2021 as part of a package of amendments to MARPOL’s Annex VI, which was a response to the IMO’s initial strategy on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships. The IMO strategy sets out a vision to improve the carbon intensity of all freight transport businesses by 40% in 2030 compared to 2008.

CII is designed as the main tool for assessing and monitoring the carbon intensity of both new and existing ships, with a focus on operational efficiency not being addressed by the IMO’s short-term GHG measures. The CII’s requirements are effective January 1, 2023, so in early 2024 the industry expects to receive the first feedback from CII’s measures. A review of the effectiveness of implementing short-term CII and EEXI requirements must be completed by January 1, 2026, and it was agreed at MEPC 80 in July 2023 that this process would begin at MEPC 81 in March 2024.

The Royal Institute of Marine Engineers proposes the Technical Conference as an opportunity for maritime influencers to gather and discuss the challenges and opportunities arising from this action.

“We are pleased to host a technical conference on CII management and the challenges associated with it,” says Dmitry Ponkratov, RINA Technical Director. “The challenge of decarbonization is at the forefront of the maritime industry’s concerns, and we believe that the CII requirements coming into force this year will lead to many important discussions by early 2024. We look forward to providing a platform for those discussions and inviting key stakeholders of the maritime industry to join us and share their views as well as discuss the latest developments.”

“This is a timely initiative, and it is good to see that high profile stakeholders have already announced that they will be involved,” commented Volker Bertram, Senior Project Manager at DNV.

Adds Edwin Pang, founder of marine consultancy Arcsilea Ltd and chair of the RINA IMO Committee: “The conference is a great opportunity to learn about both the successes and challenges in implementing CII, and is perfectly timed to inform the review of the short-term scale.”

The Technical Conference on CII and Associated Challenges is open to all interested parties, including RINA members, other professional institutions and the broader marine industry. Registration for this event is open, and more details can be found on the RINA website here.

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