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Thermo King Advanced Spectrum MTL

Thermo King Advancer Spectrum A-500 units ensure precise temperature control for MTL refrigerated trailers equipped to transport pharmaceutical products

Brussels, August 9, 2023McLanachan Transport Limited (MTL), a Scotland-based provider of organized logistics services to companies across the UK and Europe, has begun deliveries of the first of ten new trailers featuring Advancer Spectrum A-500 units. Advancer Spectrum is the company’s newest and most advanced multi-temperature cooling system Thermo King®a leading conveyor temperature control solutions manufacturer and brand Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT).

The new multi-temperature refrigerated trailers for MTL are manufactured by Gray & Adams It is delivered by advice On a long term rental basis with support from Thermo King Northerna UK based Thermo King dealer.

“As we support many temperature-controlled GDPR cold chain solutions for the logistics of leading pharmaceutical companies across Europe, we are placing significant attention, commitment and investment in our fleet,” he said. Damien McClanchan, Managing Director, MTL.“The temperature controlled trailer is a great addition to our fleet and takes us to the next stage in our journey as a company. Temperature controlled trailer units can be complex. However, working in partnership with long term suppliers makes it a success. I would like to thank Gray & Adams, Thermo King Northern and TIP for all their support.”

“Advancer Spectrum trailer units offer our customers precise multi-zone temperature control for their trailers along with lower fuel and operating costs,” said John Gerard Dean, Region Sales Manager for Thermo King UK. “MTL can be certain that sensitive goods for its customers, such as medicines, will be kept in a strictly controlled and controlled environment. The Advancer Spectrum will also allow them to adapt conditions for different types of cargo in different parts of the trailer from freezing cold in the back, only slightly cold in the front, or frozen solid all the way. ”

Thermo King Advancer Spectrum units bring a new level of performance to the multi-temperature trailer market, providing industry leading cooling, temperature recovery, and temperature towing performance. Advancer Spectrum units are up to 30% more fuel efficient than the previous generation, reducing the time taken for planned maintenance by 30% and unplanned maintenance by up to 60%.

Advancer Spectrum is the market’s first multi-temperature trailer unit that provides complete transparency of fuel levels and consumption. Customers can access fuel consumption and other data both on the unit and remotely via IT, enabling them to optimize their fleet more innovatively. Fleet Intelligence is standard, as the Advancer Spectrum comes included with two years of full two-way telematics service.

The new Advancer Spectrum features 48V DC mild hybrid technology now available temperature configurations from two distinct zones during the same flight, with precise temperature management and set-point control.

New remote evaporators provide additional remote area capacity, increasing flexibility and efficiency of customer operations. In conjunction with the Advancer Multi-Temperature Control Module, customers can accurately manage temperature while gaining real-time insight into how the unit is operating, how temperature zones are performing and how much fuel the unit is using.

Advancer Spectrum’s unrivaled system efficiency significantly reduces carbon dioxide for customers2 The footprint with engine emissions is well below the maximum allowed by the latest NRMM Stage V emission standards. Advancer Spectrum units are fully compatible with Thermo King alternative power sources such as the AxlePower intelligent energy recovery system and the HybridDrive system for seamless switching between diesel and electric.

All Thermo King Advancer units are manufactured in Thermo King’s state-of-the-art, carbon-neutral (ISO 14064-1) production line in Galway, Ireland.

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