Pet insurance is becoming more popular among pet owners in the USA. It helps cover the costs of veterinary care, ensuring pets get the treatment they need without breaking the bank. Here’s a list of some of the top pet insurance companies in the USA in 2024.

1. Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws is known for its comprehensive coverage and excellent customer service. They offer unlimited lifetime benefits with no annual caps on payouts, making them a great choice for pet owners who want extensive coverage.

  • Pros: No caps on payouts, fast claim processing, covers alternative treatments.
  • Cons: No wellness plan, coverage starts at 8 weeks old.

2. Trupanion

Trupanion stands out because they pay the vet directly, which means you don’t have to wait for reimbursement. They cover 90% of veterinary costs, including surgeries, medications, and hospital stays.

  • Pros: Direct payment to vets, covers 90% of costs, customizable deductibles.
  • Cons: No coverage for wellness or preventive care, higher premiums for older pets.

3. Embrace

Embrace offers a range of plans that cover both accidents and illnesses, along with an optional wellness plan. They also provide a diminishing deductible, which decreases by $50 each year you don’t make a claim.

  • Pros: Wellness plan available, diminishing deductible, coverage for breed-specific conditions.
  • Cons: Coverage limits for older pets, wellness plan has annual cap.

4. Nationwide

Nationwide is one of the few companies that cover a wide variety of pets, including birds and exotic animals. They offer comprehensive plans that include wellness and preventive care.

  • Pros: Covers a variety of pets, comprehensive plans, wellness and preventive care.
  • Cons: Higher premiums for extensive coverage, limited options for older pets.

5. Petplan

Petplan offers customizable plans with flexible coverage options. They have no age limits for enrollment and cover a wide range of treatments, including holistic care and dental.

  • Pros: No age limits, covers holistic treatments, customizable plans.
  • Cons: Higher premiums, waiting period for certain conditions.

6. Figo

Figo is known for its user-friendly technology, including a mobile app that makes it easy to manage your pet’s health records and claims. They offer plans with unlimited lifetime benefits.

  • Pros: User-friendly app, unlimited lifetime benefits, 24/7 veterinary support.
  • Cons: No wellness plan, some exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

7. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers plans that cover accidents, illnesses, and preventive care. They are known for their straightforward claims process and excellent customer support.

  • Pros: Preventive care coverage, easy claims process, reputable organization.
  • Cons: Coverage caps on certain plans, higher premiums for comprehensive coverage.

8. Lemonade

Lemonade is a newer player in the pet insurance market but has quickly gained popularity for its affordable plans and charitable giving. They offer a variety of coverage options and a fast claims process.

  • Pros: Affordable plans, quick claims processing, supports animal charities.
  • Cons: Limited coverage options, new to the market.

Choosing the Right Pet Insurance

When choosing pet insurance, consider factors like coverage options, customer service, and cost. Look for a plan that fits your pet’s needs and your budget. Don’t forget to read reviews and ask your veterinarian for recommendations.


In 2024, many top pet insurance companies offer comprehensive and customizable plans to suit different needs. Whether you’re looking for extensive coverage or just basic protection, there’s a plan out there for you and your pet.